Comikid E-Man is a digital and traditional artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has a classic yet modern style that embodies character-driven portraiture which specializes in comic book greats. He uses a mix of fantasy, surrealism, comic book, and pop to convey his work. His work includes paintings, designs, and illustrations. He is also an independent artist with music on all platforms. 

E-man's art journey started when he was 8. He knew he wanted to go further with it and make something of it even when people tried to downplay it by telling him to get a "real job" and that "there's no money" in art. By taking matters into his own hands, he learned different styles, mediums to work with, and how to market. When he learned graphic design, he fell in love with it and would work on his own projects. With all that he learned, he leveraged his way into creating and launching his own digital media agency called Slacktivist Visions.

eman waist shot.jpeg